About Us

Our names are Melanie and Bill Mader from Long Island, New York. We have two beautiful children Jack and Lilly, twins, born in May 2005. As concerned parents wanting to do the right things for our kids we have done a lot of research on how to keep them healthy and happy. This research started shortly before Melanie’s baby shower. We quickly became overwhelmed with concerns about the safety of the products we would need to buy for our babies. Everything from dangerous toxic chemicals found in baby bottles to pesticides that may be present on our babies clothes, blankets and towels. There was a ton of information to dig through. This along with the fact that we both worked full time and were busy preparing for their arrival left little time to do any research. As hard as it was we did make time to research what products to use for our babies. We considered such things as BPA free baby bottles, organic baby shampoo and air quality. Ever since this has been an ongoing battle to educate ourselves on what is good for our babies.

This brings us to the creation of Good For Baby. Our purpose was to create a site where parents can get useful, clear, and concise information on keeping their babies safe and happy. Each topic contains the important points you need to know in a concise manner so that busy parents and parents to be do not have to waist precious time digging through pages and pages of information. The product suppliers and products we have chosen to link to have been hand picked by us based on the quality and safety of their products.

We hope you find the information we have provided helpful in making the right choices on what's good for your baby.

Information on organic baby products, natural baby products, and things that are just plain good for baby.