The Best Baby Bottles for Newborns

The best baby bottles for newborns are ones without bpa. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical found in most plastic products. Most plastic baby bottles contain this chemical. Numerous laboratory studies have shown that even small amounts of BPA can cause such health problems as cancer, hyperactivity, diabetes, lowered sperm count, and obesity. Through use, especially heating, BPA leaches into the milk inside the bottle. Ingesting BPA is especially dangerous for babies, as compared to adults, due to the fact that their organs are still growing. Canada has banned BPA and there is increasing pressure on the FDA to do the same in the US. An environmental advocacy organization named Environmental California did a study on five of the most popular brands of baby bottles in the U.S. and found dangerous levels of BPA leaching from all five. This organization recommended that parents use BPA free baby bottles. The Ultimate Green Store and Mighty Nest offer a great selection of baby bottles without bpa. The best baby bottles for newborns include glass bottles, BPA free plastic bottles, and silicone bottles. These three types of bottles are discussed below along with a section on safe baby bottle nipples.

Glass Baby Bottles

Tempered glass baby bottles are a great alternative to plastic bottles. BPA free baby bottles made of glass, such as the ones offered by Our Green House , are a great way to keep dangerous toxic chemicals out of your baby’s milk. The downside of glass baby bottles is that they are more easily broken than plastic bottles which can be a concern when babies get to the age where they like throwing things. However this should not be a major concern because tempered glass is much harder to break than regular glass. These bottles can take a lot of abuse before they break. Also glass baby bottles can be fitted with a silicone sleeve to help prevent breaking. Using glass baby bottles is a great way to insure your baby is safe from dangerous toxins.

Silicone Baby Bottles

Silicone bottles are also one of the best baby bottles for newborns. Silicone is a natural organic substance. It can be heated without leaching any toxins into the milk and is completely safe for your baby.

Plastic Baby Bottles

There are BPA free baby bottles made out of plastic. Due to the amount of attention BPA has gotten in the last few years many bottle manufacturers are making plastic baby bottles without bpa.

Safe Baby Bottle Nipples

A discussion on the best baby bottles for newborns would not be complete without discussing baby bottle nipples. There are three choices when it comes to baby bottle nipples. They are silicone, latex, and rubber. The best choice among these is silicone. Silicone baby bottle nipples have these advantages: Latex nipples are also BPA free however there is the possibility that over time latex can leach carcinogens (a cancer causing substance) into the baby’s drink. The FDA regulates the amount of carcinogens that can be present in baby bottle nipples but it is best to avoid any exposure. Some babies can also develop latex allergies.

Rubber nipples are not a good choice. They can develop cracks much quicker than silicone nipples and therefore increase the chance of bacteria being present. Rubber nipples, like latex, can also leach carcinogens and cause allergic reactions.

The Best Baby Bottles for Newborns - Conclusion

The best baby bottles for newborns are glass bottles. There is some concern about breakage but the complete safety from possible toxins far out ways these other concerns. There are also non toxic baby bottles made with silicone and even plastic. A medical grade silicone baby bottle nipple should be used when possible due to the safety they provide from possible carcinogens and other toxins.
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