Infant Learning Activities

During the first month of life your baby will sleep a lot and often seem drowsy. After this they will start to become more and more alert and aware of their surroundings. It is during these alert times that you can help with the learning process. You can encourage and help them learn by responding to their vocal expressions, talking to them and providing them with appropriate toys such as a rattle. A great selection of baby learning tools can be found at The Ultimate Green Store , Our Green House, and Child Trek. It is important to understand when your baby is over-stimulated because they will be less focused on you. You do not want to stimulate them any further at that point. Crying, kicking legs, flapping arms and squirming are all signs that your baby is over-stimulated. Just imagine all the new things a baby must learn and it is easy to understand how quickly they can become over-stimulated.

Infant Learning Activities

Playing is the main way your baby learns about the world. At first this may be as simple as responding to your facial expressions. As they get older this may involve grabbing and shaking a rattle and playing with other toys. Eventually you can encourage more complex play such as hugging a stuffed animal. The Ultimate Green Store , Our Green House, and Child Trek offer a great selection of organic toys which make great baby learning tools.

Respond to your baby’s coos and other verbal sounds by talking or making other verbal sounds yourself. This will encourage communication.

Help your baby learn about movement by clapping their hands together, stretching their hands out wide or across their body and pedaling their feet.

Make facial expressions and wait for your baby to imitate them. When they do imitate them show your approval by smiling and or clapping.

By performing the infant learning activities listed above you will be helping your baby learn. It is important to remember that there is a wide range of what is considered normal when it comes to infant learning. If you believe your baby is not developing properly consult your doctor. Infant learning can be hampered by such things as problems with vision and hearing.

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