Natural Crib Bedding

Natural crib bedding, which includes blankets, mattress, pillows, and sheets, is usually made from organic cotton but can also be made from other natural products such as bamboo and organic wool. There are many reasons why parents should consider buying organic baby crib sets but the most important is the health of their baby.

Natural Crib Bedding is healthier

Newborn babies spend a lot of time in their crib sleeping. In fact in the 1st year of life your baby will sleep approximately 70% of the time. In order to reduce exposure to chemicals that can irritate their skin and have harmful effects on their health it is important to use natural crib bedding. Most conventional bedding is made out of cotton. Large amounts of pesticides are used on conventional cotton crops. Cotton is one of the most chemically dependent crops in the world. For example the insecticide Parathion is often used and it is 60 times more toxic than DDT. After the cotton is picked tons of other chemicals, many of which are toxic, are used to process the cotton in order to make the end product. Many other potentially toxic chemicals such as ammonia, Benzene, and ethylene glycol are applied during weaving, knitting, spinning, dying, printing, and bleaching. Also formaldehyde is often applied to non-organic sheets to help keep wrinkles out. Numerous studies have shown that these toxic chemicals are usually still present in bedding even after numerous washings. Unlike conventional cotton organic cotton is not saturated with chemical pesticides. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals used to protect the crops or promote the growth of crops. A babies skin is very absorbent. Their immune system is not fully developed and their organs are still developing. All this makes them very vulnerable to the harmful effects of toxins that their skin may come into contact with therefore making the use of natural crib bedding very important. For an excellent selection of organic baby crib sets go to For an excellent selection of organic baby bedding go to The Ultimate Green Store or Our Green House.

Natural Crib Bedding is more comfortable

Besides being a lot safer for the health of your baby natural crib bedding is also much more comfortable. As mentioned above conventional cotton sheets, pillows, and blankets go through a lot of processing in order to make the final product. All this processing takes away from the natural softness of the cotton. Organic baby crib sets are extremely soft and comfortable. The more comfortable your baby is the better he or she will sleep. The better your baby sleeps the more alert and ready to learn he or she will be.

The use of organic baby crib sets is good for the environment.

As more and more people use natural crib bedding and organic products in general the less pesticides and other chemicals will find their way into the earths soil, air, and water supply.
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