Organic baby towels

Organic baby towels are usually made from organic cotton which is cotton grown and processed without chemical pesticides and other toxic substances. However, bamboo and hemp are also used. There are several reasons to consider using organic baby towels.

An organic baby towel does not contain any dangerous chemicals

Conventional towels may contain dangerous toxic chemicals which can irritate your baby’s skin and be harmful to your baby’s health. Conventional towels are usually made from non-organic cotton. Non-organic cotton is grown with the use of incredible amounts of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Most of which are proven cancer causing agents. After the non-organic cotton is harvested there are again tons of chemicals applied during the process of making the towel. Several studies have shown that even after several washings towels can still contain these dangerous chemicals. A baby’s skin is very susceptible to these chemicals. There are no studies confirming that skin contact with these toxic chemicals can lead to such health issues as cancer and reproductive problems however there are valid concerns that they may, why take the chance.
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An organic baby towel is more comfortable

Organic baby towels are much softer than conventional towels. This is because the chemicals used to grow and process cotton for conventional towels decreases its natural softness. Therefore not only are these towels free from the chemicals that can irritate your baby’s skin, they are also naturally softer.

Organic baby towels are cheaper in the long run

Organic baby towels cost more than conventional towels however they will last a lot longer. They will not need to be replaced as frequently meaning they will be cheaper in the long run. An organic towel can last for more than 100 washes before starting to breakdown. This is about 10 times longer than conventional towels. They last longer due to the superior quality of the material they are made of. All the chemicals used for conventional towels weakens the material they are made of.

Organic Baby Towels are better for the earth

All those chemicals used to grow the raw materials used for the towels and all the chemicals used in the manufacturing process have a negative effect on the earth. They find their way into the soil and water supply, kill wildlife and human life.

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