Organic baby toys

Parents have always been concerned about the safety of the toys they give their babies to play with. Such concerns as sharp pieces a baby can get cut on or small parts a baby can choke on have been around for a long time. However, today there are even more concerns facing parents regarding the toys they give their babies. Concerns involving toxic substances, that have been proven to cause cancer and other health problems, that may be present in baby toys have parents turning to natural baby toys. The recent huge recalls of toys made with lead paint have prompted many parents to educate themselves about the benefits of organic baby toys.

The presence of toxic substances in baby toys is of special concern because babies tend to put their toys in their mouths and cuddle with their toys. This combined with the fact that babies, mainly due to the small size of their developing organs, are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of toxins makes providing them with safe toys extremely important.

Buying organic baby toys will insure that your baby is safe from such cancer causing toxins as polyvinyl chloride, phthalates (used in almost all plastic toys) and lead paint used in many toys. A great selection of organic toys can be found at The Ultimate Green Store , Our Green House, and Child Trek. Organic baby toys are natural baby toys made from such materials as untreated wood and organically grown cotton. The wood is usually not painted at all or painted with a natural dye. Organic cotton is free of the tons of pesticides absorbed by non organic baby toys. Several studies have shown these pesticides remain in the toys even after repeated washings.

Since organic baby toys (natural baby toys) are usually hand made or made in small quantities they usually cost more. However, besides being a safer choice they are usually more durable than other toys and therefore last a lot longer. A lot of parents like organic baby toys because they are simpler. They don't have a lot of moving parts and don't make a lot of noise. Besides being easier on parents ears there is a strong belief that these types of toys are better for your baby's intellect and imagination.

In addition to being safer for our kids organic baby toys are better for the earth. Every year countless toys end up in landfills leaching out their toxins into the earth and water supply. The tons of pesticides and other chemicals used to produce non-organic cotton pollute the earth. By buying organic baby toys (natural baby toys) you are helping to reduce these negative effects.

Whether you decide to buy organic baby toys or not, there are some things parents should look for in all the toys they buy for their baby. These are listed below.

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