Organic Newborn Clothes

There are several reasons to consider buying organic newborn clothes, especially those made from organic cotton or bamboo. The main reason is your babies health.

Organic Newborn Clothes are Healthier

Conventional non-organic clothes can contain chemicals that can be irritating to your baby's skin and dangerous for their health. Natural baby clothes do not contain these chemicals. Non-organic clothes, which are usually made using cotton, are treated with a lot of dangerous chemicals as they are processed. There are tremendous amount of pesticides sprayed on the cotton crops used for the raw materials. Many toxic chemicals such as heavy metal dyes, Benzene, ammonia, and ethylene glycol are used to produce the final product during such processes as spinning, weaving, knitting, bleaching, dying and printing. Most of the pesticides used to grow non-organic cotton are classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as potential or known cancer causing agents. Several studies have shown that even after repeated washings significant levels of these chemicals can still be present in your infant's clothing.

Your baby's skin is much thinner and porous than that of an adult and therefore more likely to absorb chemicals present on their clothing. Once absorbed through the skin, these toxic chemicals could enter the blood stream. Due to their undeveloped immune system and the smaller size of their internal organs they are very susceptible to the ill effects of toxins. It is important to note that there are no studies linking baby clothing with cancer or any other disease. However there are studies currently being conducted that could prove differently. Why take a chance when natural clothing can eliminate this possibility and put your mind at ease.

Organic Newborn Clothes are More Comfortable

Besides being a lot safer for your baby's health organically grown clothes are more comfortable. The softness of clothes made with organic cotton or bamboo is unmatched and is free of the chemicals that can irritate your baby's skin. For a great selection of some of the best organic newborn clothes on the market go to The Ultimate Green Store.

Organic Newborn Clothes Are Cheaper In the Long Run

Organic clothes are likely to last much longer than conventional clothing. Bamboo is strong and durable. The quality of the cotton used to make organic cotton clothes has not been compromised or weakened by chemicals during processing. A lot of parents avoid buying organic clothes for their baby because of the higher cost. However, when you consider the fact that they lasts much longer, they can actually be cheaper in the long run. Organic baby clothes can lasts for more than 100 washes before beginning to wear down, compared to 10 to 20 washes for non-organic clothing.

Organic Newborn Clothes are Better For The Earth

Most baby clothing is made from cotton. Cotton farming is extremely dependent on chemicals. It is one of the most chemical dependent crops in the world. Tons of toxic chemicals are used as pesticides and to promote crop growth. These chemicals contaminate the soil and water supply and are responsible for killing off wildlife. Also 20,000 human deaths are attributed to the use of pesticides every year according to the World Health Organization.
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