Why Organic Baby Products

The main reason to consider buying organic baby products is the health and safety of your baby. Over the last few years parents have become increasingly aware of the many hidden dangers found in many of the products their babies use. This has caused a huge interest in organic baby products. More and more studies reveal the harmful effects that many of the chemicals found in our babies food, clothes, towels, toys, bottles and other products can have on their health. In addition to this there are concerns about the chemicals in the products we use to clean our homes (especially the nursery) and the quality of the indoor air in the home (especially the nursery). Such health issues as cancer, reproductive problems, allergies, asthma, behavioral problems, skin irritation, and respiratory issues have been linked to non organic baby products. Parents can quickly become overwhelmed with the dangers and potential dangers that exist in many non organic baby products.

The purpose of this website is to inform you, not scare you. By becoming informed you can make the important decisions on what is good for your baby. Even though a lot of research still needs to be done to determine the dangers of some of these chemicals a lot of parents are not waiting and are choosing to use at least some organic baby products.

Within this website you will find links to excellent suppliers of organic baby products. These suppliers include The Ultimate Green Store and Our Green House. These suppliers have been selected by us due to the high quality of the products they offer.

By choosing organic baby products parents are not only making the safe and healthy choice for their baby but are also doing their part to create a safer world for their baby to grow up on. Organic baby products are produced without the use of any of the toxic chemicals so often used in the manufacture of non organic baby products. Therefore decreasing the chemicals that find their way into the earths soil, air and water supply. These toxic chemicals can have devastating effects on the environment. For example phosphates, a chemical found in many cleaning supplies, is devastating to fish and plant life and disrupts the whole ecological system. Organic cleaning supplies contain no toxic chemicals.

Below is a list of some of the health concerns with non organic baby products.

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